Choosing Design-Build Construction

When you choose a Design-Build firm to build your dream home, remodel or update your current home or add additions to your home, you receive five important benefits.

Single Point of Accountability

Hiring a design-build firm to construct your dream home insures that when challenges do arise, there is only one person responsible – your design-build firm! One challenge when working with multiple subcontractors is that when things go wrong, fingers tend to point in every direction.

Clear Communication

Translating your wants and needs for your new home is critical to a positive end result. Using a design-build firm can dramatically improve this communication as the design team gets to know you personally. For example, when working with Dream Big Developments, you will be speaking directly and consistently with your personal design team and project manager! They will come to understand and embrace your vision, making communication both easy and effective.


When working with multiple contractors and specialists, it can be difficult to appropriately weigh the pros and cons of spending a little more here and a little less there. Each contractor or specialist naturally thinks that their portion of the project – be it painting, installing appliances or plumbing – is the most important and deserves a larger portion of the budget. A design-build approach solves that problem as the home is considered in its entirety and there are no winners and losers in budgeting battles. Moreover, having access to construction pricing during the design phase is a real advantage, providing more accurate information upon which to base your choices.


Dream Big Developments prides itself in old world craftsmanship. Our framers and carpenters are our employees, building only our projects. We are proud of our third and fourth generation craftsman, and our reputation proves unmatched quality. Nothing can spoil your dream home faster than poor construction, quality or shoddy materials. With a singular point of accountability, clear communication and a balanced approach to budgeting, the design-build process leads to superior quality in your home.

Long-Term Satisfaction

When you choose Dream Big Developments as your design-build firm, you are not just building a home, you’re building a life-long relationship. Over the first year of your new home, small adjustments and repairs will need to be made. Know that Dream Big Developments will be as responsive today as it was when the project started.